Friday, July 26, 2013

Five Song Friday - July 26th

Friday is here (thankfully), and that means more music for me to share and talk about. Check out the tunes I've been rocking this week, and see if there's anything you dig.

  1. Feeling This - Blink-182
    This band, and this song in particular, always bring me back to past days. I grew up listening to Blink, and I have loved them since the first time I listened. They have such energy, and an attitude of "I don't care what you think", (to put in a PG manner). This song in particular has been one of my favorites by the group, just because of it's summer vibe and high end energy. I didn't really know what the song was about when I was younger, but back then it didn't matter. All that mattered was liking the song, and that's exactly what I did. I always enjoyed the vocal interplay between Mark Hoppus and Tom Delonge, with their contrast in sound and intensity. Definitely a great song for a drive on a hot summer day. 5/5
  2. Kingdom Come - The Civil Wars
    Thanks to The Hunger Games soundtrack, I discovered this wonderful duo. Their sound is not only unique, but refreshingly real. It's simple in instrumentation, but very much authentic in the result. All of their songs are on the calming and relaxing side, this song included, yet this song also contains a sense of urgency, especial when the drum comes in. The lyrics emphasize this as well, with lines like "run, fast as you can". I very much enjoy the guitar parts on their songs, for that usually is the only instrument used, and the parts are always very filling, not leavin the song hollow. I highly recommend this song, and the group. 5/5
  3. Backseat Serenade - All Time Low
    I've been listening to these guys for a few years, and usually enjoy the work they put out. I don't always listen to them often either. But I got this song from Another Hopeless Summer, a compilation album from Hopeless Records that includes tracks from their artists and is usually dirt cheap. This song was on the album, and has been one of my favorites. It's a solid piece of music from ATL, another great summer song. Even though it is upbeat and driving, it has a melancholy sense to it, mostly in the vocals, which happen to my favorite part of the song. Especially on the verses, the vocals are locked in tight and awesome. I enjoy listening to the tune very much, and know that people will enjoy it who might have been disappointed by ATL's straying towards a more pop sound on their last album. Check it out! 5/5
  4. Never Let Me Go - We Came As Romans
    This band was the first real "hardcore" group that I got into, and I love their sound. They have a fantastic blend of clean vocals and screaming, of rock and metal sounds. This song from their new album, Tracing Back Roots, leans more towards the rock side, but it's the vocals that really caught my ears. Kyle Pavone's voice is one of my favorite parts of the band, with his ability to soar high and low. This song showcases his voice incredibly, with the chorus being the stand out. I also like that they had their screamer, David, do some clean vocals as well, showing his versatility and introducing new sounds. Go listen, and see what you think! 5/5
  5. Relapse (Acoustic) - Divided By Friday
    I'm a sucker for acoustic songs, and this song is no exception. The incorporation of strings is always beneficial to a song, and it especially works well on this song. The vocals are excellent as well, and I personally think that the lead singer's voice sounds like that of Panic! At The Disco. This song was on the Hopeless Records compilation as well, and definitely showcases the band's talent.  4/5

Friday, July 19, 2013

Five Song Friday - July 19th

Music, music, music. It's been an exciting week for me, as far as music goes, and I'm excited to write about some new singles that released this week. Check them out, and see what you think!

  1. Miss Jackson (feat. Lolo) - Panic! At The Disco
    I've been waiting for something from Panic ever since I heard they had a new album in the works earlier this week. When this song dropped, I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. It's different, yes, but it's fantastic. It's a bit gritty, it's energetic, and it's catchy. I've been listening to it all week, and I'm liking it even more each time I listen. At its core, it definitely has Panic's vibe, and carries their spirit of being somewhat outlandish and glamorous, yet it'll hook you every time. 
  2. House Of God, Forever - Jon Foreman
    I discovered this song recently, and fell head over heels for it. It's simple, and the lyrics are taken from Psalm 23, which is my one of my favorite passages from the Bible. The music that backs the vocals and the lyrics is immensely relaxing, and the whole song gives me a sense of peace. I especially love that there is a contrast created by the female vocalist, whose voice especially fits with the vibe of the song and adds to the gentle nature of it. I highly recommend it. Highly. 5/5
  3. The City - The 1975
    After discovering these guys from the free single of the week on iTunes, I checked out the rest of their newly released EP, IV, and downloaded this song very quickly. It is upbeat, energetic, and incredibly catchy. Their combination of slightly distorted guitars, bright and large synths, and drumbeats that continue to push the song is infectious; I can't get enough of it. The fact that they are British makes it all the better, although on this song there are moments where the lead singer sounds like William Becket, formerly of The Academy Is. Definitely an up and coming band to keep an eye on. Or ear. 5/5
  4. Take Back The Night - Justin Timberlake
    The man of Pop music is back already, with the lead single for Part 2 of The 20/20 Experience, his fantastic comeback to music. "Take Back The Night" is a big band song, full of horns and a throwback sound remenicent of Michael Jackson. It's got a groove to it, the kind that makes you want to get up and dance around your room. JT has done it yet again, putting out a solid song to lead into what I'm sure will be another marvelous album. 5/5
  5. Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys
    I guess I have a little British sub-theme going on here. Arctic Monkey's is a great band that I've listened to here and there the past few years. I noticed that they had this song out as a single for a new album they're releasing, and decided to give it a listen. I was quite impressed. It's definitely got a sultry and sexy sound to it, with the more laid back tempo and stripped down instrumentation. Alex Turner, the lead vocalist, has fantastic vocals for this song, utilizing the lower end of his range for the verses, and putting in some well done falsetto on the chorus. The chorus really brings out the intensity of the song, bringing in some crashing drums and distorted guitar to give the song a slight melancholy sound to it. I definitely like the song, and am going to be interested in how the album turns out. 5/5

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Miss Jackson (feat. Lolo) - Panic! At The Disco

This single being released came as somewhat of a surprise; I knew that Panic was releasing an album this year, but they hadn't been too generous with details. Nevertheless, I was very excited, to say the least. The minute I found it, I watched part of the music video for it, and immediately went and bought it to listen to in the car. I probably listened to it 10 times the day it released; it's very addictive. Now, I know that some fans will dismiss this song, and possibly the album, because of the sound change, but it's to be expected. Panic worked with the same producer that Fall Out Boy worked with on Save Rock and Roll, so the progression towards a more pop-influenced sound is expected. Besides, it's not like they've never strayed towards that sound before on their previous material either. While I do think it has more pop influence than before, it also is a gritty kind of pop; it's not all smooth synths and big electronic beats. They achieve a big sound on the chorus thanks to an actual drum set and distorted guitar lines. The contrast through this song is fantastic; the chorus is huge, and the verses are much more stripped down. The first verse is actually one of my favorite parts of the song, as well as the pre-chorus, which is also fairly stripped down. The verse wins point for having a sweet bass line, although it's palm muted. The bass is easily heard throughout the whole song, which is something that always makes me happy. I also love Brenden Urie's vocals, which have always been a highlight of Panic's work. They soar high, and the float low, adding to those contrasts you all know I love.

Overall, I think this is a really solid single, and if it's any indication of the direction of the new album, then it makes me even more excited for it's release in October. 5/5

Monday, July 15, 2013

Take Back The Night - Justin Timberlake

The minute I heard that there would be a Part 2 to Justin Timberlake's new album, I was incredibly stoked. The 20/20 Experience: Part 1 was a fantastic album, and it made me extremely excited to hear that there was more. I was very surprised to discover that his new single was released so soon, but I am not upset about it in the slightest. His newest single, "Take Back The Night", draws on some old school influence. My mom pointed out that it sounded like a Michael Jackson song, and I completely agree. It has the groove, it has the push, and the dance appeal. I love that Justin isn't afraid to get real with his music; even though he has songs that rely more on modern sounds, like big beats and distorted synths, he loves to go with big band sounds and old school guitars and drum sets. This song feels perfect for a night of dancing in a club, with lots of flashing lights and a big band on stage. It makes you want to get up and dance, no matter who is around. My anticipation for the rest of the album has skyrocketed thanks to this song, and I cannot wait for September 30th! 5/5

Friday, July 12, 2013

Five Song Friday - July 12th

The weeks keep flying by, don't they? It's another week, and more music to talk about! Check it out and see what you think of my selections for the week, some of which have already graced the Five Song Friday series...

  1. Block Party - Will Smith
    This song is a throwback for sure, but was brought to my attention by my best friend recently. Since then, I've been blasting it wherever I go, and absolutely loving it. Will Smith has always been one of my favorite rappers, even if he hasn't released anything lately, and this song is a great selection from his vast repertoire. It's a relaxed song, but would easily work at a summer party. Will knows how to make good party music, and this song is no exception. The beat is grovin, and even though it's 11 years old, it still is just cool, plain and simple. Go listen, and let your mind go back to times when things were more simple, and less complicated. 5/5 
  2. Bright Lights - 30 Seconds to Mars
    This album has been out for almost 2 months now, and this song has been playing in my car, my phone, and my computer constantly. It's my favorite from the record, and is rising in the ranks of my favorite songs period. It definitely has an 80's sound to it, thanks to the drums style and the synths going on throughout the tune. Jared Leto's vocals are the best part about it though, with his switch from a raspy low almost-whisper to shouting out at the top of his lungs. The lyrics paint a fantastic picture, of people searching for something. What that something is, I don't know, but the song makes it seem like the adventure of searching for it is extraordinary. 5/5
  3. Can't Stop - OneRepublic
    This album has been out for about 3 months, if my memory is correct, and I seriously can't stop listening to this song (see what I did there? I'm so funny...). There's this mood to the tune that I can't shake; it's haunting and soulful. Ryan Tedder, the lead vocalist for the group, pours his heart straight into this song, for the emotion bleeds out of the speakers and into the listener. He is crying out to his lost love, the one he can't get out of his head. It is a beautifully written song, and has a huge sound to it, thanks mainly to the resounding drums and the soaring vocals. It's easily the best song off the album, so go get it already! 5/5
  4. Book of Love - Jimmy Eat World
    I continue to be hooked on Jimmy Eat World's latest record, which is easily one of my favorite albums of the year. This song in particular is one of the more mellow tracks instrumentally, but, as with the rest of the album, some extremely heartfelt lyrics and vocals. This is definitely a breakup/relationship album, and it is all very realistic. I especially love the big incorporation of acoustic guitar in this song, which I think is a strong point for Jimmy Eat World. They are at their best when the music is stripped down, nothing fancy or complex. This song contains the essence of who JEW is, and that they can still put out fantastic music after all these years together. 5/5
  5. Remedy - State Champs
    I got this song from a free sampler I discovered, and have been listening to it more and more lately. It's the kind of song that makes you want to dance around and nod your head to the beat (which I may or may not be doing as I write this...). I would classify it as pop-punk, which is a genre I have been trying to explore more and more this year. The song overall is catchy, upbeat, and very enjoyable to listen to. My favorite part would have to be the bridge, where they repeat the line "Well I've got no time" as they slowly build the song back up. They just rock out and have fun making the music, which comes off strongly. I definitely recommend it if you like bands like The Story So Far, Major League, and Man Overboard. 4/5

Friday, July 5, 2013

Five Song Friday - July 5th

It's that time of the week! Check out the tunes that I've been hooked on this week, and see what you like! And no judging this week, there's one that I know will make some of you roll your eyes...

  1. Chocolate - The 1975
    This has been my addiction this week. It's been stuck in my head since I found it. It's currently the free download of the week on iTunes, so go download it! It's infectious  it's catchy, and it's british. Can't really ask for much more. I've never heard of the band, but I love their sound; it's chilled out, but lively enough to make you want to groove around. They use some subtle synths, and clean guitars to create a rocking sound. Just go download it already! 5/5
  2. Damage - Jimmy Eat World
    I bought this record after taking a listen on Spotify and falling in love. It's a fantastic album, with a classic Jimmy Eat World sound to it. I honestly love all of the song on it, so I decided to just pick one more at random for this week. "Damage", the title track is lead by an acoustic guitar, giving it a more mellow sound, yet the use of some electric guitar and driving drums keep the alternative rock sound alive. It reminds me a lot of Bleed American, which was their best album in my mind, but this new album comes pretty close. It's full of catchy tunes, grooving songs, and lots of singing about heartbreak, which adds up to what Jimmy Eat World is. 5/5
  3. Hungover - 3OH!3
    While this album wasn't my favorite from 3OH!3, it produced some fantastic tracks, like this one. It's full of wobbles, electronic synths, and singing about girls and drinking. What's more 3OH!3 than that? It's an upbeat song, and was one of the standouts from the album. It's not super creative or anything new, but I enjoy it. 5/5
  4. Titanium - David Guetta
    I recently watched Pitch Perfect, and ever since I have been listening to this song again. The scene when the two girls are harmonizing to this song is awesome, because the way they harmonize is fantastic. I've also been on a Dance/Electronic music kick this last week, so this fit right in to my mood. I love the contrast from the verse to the chorus, where it goes from a more low key guitar line over pulsing beats to a huge vocal build that erupts into dancing madness. It's a great song, and I have realized I should have listened to it more when it was bigger. 5/5
  5. We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus
    Seriously though, don't judge me for this. Go listen yourself. If you really don't like it, then fair enough. I think it's catchy, and I know it'll fade away before the month is over, but that's alright. It's not groundbreaking, it's not award winning, but it makes for a fun time and good party music. Music doesn't always have to be fantastically written. All you need is some beats, some catchy lyrics, and a tune that sticks with you. So give it a chance. And don't hate. 4/5