Thursday, September 18, 2014

Centuries - Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy took the world by storm last year, and they show no signs of slowing down. "Centuries", the latest single from the band, is in the same vein as Save Rock & Roll, combining pop-sensibilities with hip-hop laced beats and FOB's signature touch. Patrick Stump's vocals are as top notch as ever, soaring to great heights in the anthemic chorus while maintaining an angry gritty tone that packs a punch. The instrumental combines sounds both familiar and unfamiliar, mixing traditional drumset with low-booming bass beats and snare drums that feel like something you'd hear on a song from the latest Lil' Wayne song, especially in the pre-chorus interlude (which is one of my favorite moments of the song. The entire song has a sense of swagger that was found in hints and moments in their last album, and it makes for a fantastic listening experience. Not to fear though; the new elements don't drown out the old with the guitars are still roaring as always.

What's important about both Save Rock & Roll and "Centuries" is that Fall Out Boy is doing what they want and going for it, without fear of pleasing everyone. Despite their new sound, FOB is in fact rock & roll because rock & roll is not a specific sound, even though that's what it has become. The concept is about doing something that is risky and exciting and that is exactly what FOB is doing. So rock on boys, you're doing a fantastic job.

Rating: 9/10
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